Jewelry built to last

Discover our favorite bracelets: timeless design bracelets, perfect to give or treat yourself. These are genuine everyday jewels, created and handcrafted with heart in a small French workshop.


Photographie représentant une main qui touche à peine la surface de l'eau de la mer, elle porte à son poignet un bracelet doré avec une maille fine et un petit médaillon à pierres strass colorées.
Need a gift idea ?

Give a handmade piece of jewelry !

Our bracelets are perfect for making someone happy ! All our jewelry has been conceived and handcrafted in an artisanal manner in our workshops. They are original creations, made in small batches. For durable and ethical jewelry, to be cherished for a lifetime.

Bracelets haute-fantaisie à pierres précieuses fabriqués en France
Our philosophy

Bracelets to give (or to treat oneself)

There are the jewelry pieces we give as gifts; bracelets like bouquets of flowers that convey “I love you” or “I’m thinking of you“; jewelry to offer to celebrate a special occasion or a joyful moment.

Then there are the pieces we gift to ourselves. Bracelets like talismans, like mantras. Bracelets that mark a change, a milestone, or a journey…

And there are the pieces we share, friendship bracelets, sisterhood bracelets. Bracelets that are like invisible bonds connecting us to our sisters and loyal friends. Bracelets that remind us that no matter where we are on this Earth, someone is there for us, just as we are there for them.

That’s why we create these bracelets for you. Because jewelry is more than just adornment. It’s connections, words, emotions, and we take pride in crafting them by hand to grace your wrists.

The founder

Hélène L.

Hélène is a passionate collector of vintage items. As both a creator and an entrepreneur, she founded her first fashion accessory brand, Atelier Kat H, at the age of 23. The brand specializes in jewelry-style eyeglass chains, completely reimagining the outdated eyeglass cord. Three years later, she embarks on a new journey and establishes Armillae, a small jewelry brand driven by a desire to offer handmade, sustainable, and ethical jewelry.

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