Charm Bracelets


Charm Bracelets to wear as talismans

We often wear our jewelry as lucky charms. Sometimes because they were given to us, representing a loved one or a special occasion. Other times, we gift them to ourselves to celebrate a particular moment in our lives. Some jewelry items act like amulets, like grigris that protect us and bring us luck. It is in this spirit that we have designed this small collection of protective bracelets, so that they may bring you luck.

Nous portons parfois nos bijoux comme des porte-bonheurs. Parfois parce qu’on nous les a offerts, qu’ils représentent une personne chère, ou une occasion particulière. Parfois parce qu’on se les offre à soi-même pour célébrer un moment particulier de notre vie. Certains bijoux sont comme des amulettes, des grigris qui nous protègent et nous portent chance. C’est dans cet esprit que nous avons conçu cette toute petite collection de bracelets protecteurs, afin qu’ils vous portent chance.

French-made Jewelry

Each of our bracelets is thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted in our small workshops located in Brittany, creating high-quality costume jewelry made in France.

Towards a more environmentally friendly fashion

At Armillae, our goal is to craft elegant and enduring jewelry. While fashion trends ebb and flow, introducing fresh colors, forms, and designs each season, our dedication lies in championing a more conscientious approach to consumption. Our objective is to offer jewelry that stands the test of time, both in its craftsmanship and style. This is why we offer handcrafted jewelry fashioned from premium materials, promoting a more responsible fashion ethos without sacrificing style!